Tasawwuf i.e. the Sufi path is an esoteric dimension of Islam; rather it is the soul of Islam. It has been defined in various ways, which simply leads to a conclusion that it cannot be defined through words. This path leads towards an understanding of the flame of life that happens at the time of birth and disappears at the time of death. It is not a concrete path going from point A to point B rather an abstract view of understanding oneself by directly facing and experiencing the ongoing process of life. To elaborate it further, it can be called a circular journey in search of GOD where centers meet without touching the peripheries. Although, Sufi path has been subjected to criticism by a group of Islamic scholars on the grounds of similarities with other religions, but to an average intelligence, this should not pose a problem as all the religions were for the human beings and as human beings have evolved with time so are the religions. Even in Quran, Islam has not been mentioned as a new religion rather a culmination of all the previous religions, hence similarities are bound to be there. However, just as flower does not mean anything without colours, likewise Islam loses its meaning without Tasawwuf.