Agha Chowk
In Jabalpur M.P. India, there is an area at Ranitaal, which has been named after a Sufi Shaykh as Agha Chowk. The tomb (Mazar) of this Sufi Shaykh i.e. Hazrat Meerza Agha Mohammad (R.A.) is located adjacent to this ‘Chowk’. Presently, construction of a stadium is also underway next to this piece of land.

It has several tombs of Sufi Saints within its enfoldement. The central tomb belongs to Hazrat Meerza Agha Mohammad (R.A.) who arrived from Lucknow in the early 19th century and settled here in Jabalpur. He died in 1918. His tomb had been beautifully built in early 20th century with colorful tiles, white marble, onyx, paintings, carved pillars, chandeliers etc. but due to deterioration over time in general and because of earthquake of 1997 in particular, this tomb had been damaged quite badly. However, it has been restored and still emanates a presence of grandeur and serenity. Annually on 13th Zi’quad (a lunar month), Hazrat Agha Sahib’s (R.A.) URS (Mahasamadhi) is celebrated. His tomb is surrounded by: –

a) The tomb of Dr. Meerza Murtaza Hussain (R.A.) who was the son and successor of Hazrat Agha Sahib (R.A.) . He was born in Jabalpur in 1877.During his lifetime, He had three running clinics in Jabalpur and his life reflected a perfect balance between the worldly and spiritual life. He died in 1939. b) The tomb of Meerza Nazeer Ahmed (R.A.) who was also the son of Hazrat Agha Sahib (R.A.) and also a Sufi Shaykh. He died in 1928.

c) The tomb of Meerza Maqsud-ul-Hasan (R.A.) – another son of Hazrat Agha Sahib (R.A.) who died in 1937. Within the premises of his tomb, Zarina Begum (R.A.) has also been buried, who was the daughter in law of Dr. Meerza Murtuza Hussain (R.A.) and wife of current successor i.e. Dr. Ikhtiyar Hussain Meerza (R.A.) . She died on the premises of Dr. Murtuza Hussain’s (R.A.) tomb while visiting it in 1980.

d) A ‘SAMAKHANA’ where Sufi music and other spiritual ceremonies take place.

e) A ‘SABEELKHANA’ where annually at the occasion of 10th of Muharram (the first Islamic month) – sherbet / cold drinks are served in remembrance of PROPHET MOHAMMED (Peace And Blessings Of ALLAH Be Upon Him)’s grandson who was martyred thirsty in the desert of Kerbala. Every year, the whole procession of Muharram 10th culminates here at the Agha Chowk.