Dr. Meerza Ikhtiyar Hussain

Presently, Sufi Shaykh of this order is Dr. Meerza Ikhtiyar Hussain. He does not like to have his long introduction on this website. However, we would at least add a persian proverb as his introduction, which he conveyed to his disciples in another context. The proverb says, ‘mushk aanast kaey khud babooyad…

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Hazrat Meerza Agha Mohammad (R.A.)

Hazrat Meerza Agha Mohammad (R.A.) was born in early part of the 19th century in Lucknow, India. He, from his very childhood was interested in knowing the way to GOD. He was obsessed with a question as to how to find ALLAH? He would ask his parents, teachers, and religious scholars but was never satisfied with…

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